Personal notice and thank you


Mexico City, February 8, 2016.

I just want to inform you that I stopped working for Promo Race S.A. de C.V. by decision of the company, the separation has occurred on good terms. Therefore I have no actual labor or professional relationship with NASCAR Mexico.


I take this opportunity to thank, first of all, the group of NASCAR Mexico officials that I had the honor of leading for 13 seasons, all colleagues, friends and family that helped to shape this team and those words are not enough to thank their support and trust, and thanks to them I could do my job in a professional manner during this time.To Mr. Enrique Contreras for inviting me to be part of his project for 14 years and trust me to accompany him on his project of bring NASCAR to Mexico, I learned a lot in this period. To Mr. Federico Alaman for his confidence in my work and the support he always gave to this officials team. To the NASCAR official supervisors, especially Chad Little and Joe Balash for all their teachings in all aspects and make me live close the professionalism and performance that comes with being a NASCAR Oficial. To all competitors, drivers and spotters for their professional respect and respect for my work, it is not easy to adopt a role of authority in such a complex and passionate world as motorsport in Mexico. Crew chiefs and mechanics for their professional conduct in all processes involving a NASCAR event. Of course to all the administrative and operations Promo Race and OCESA staff, no event of the magnitude of NASCAR Mexico would be possible without their work and support.

What follows for me is to work hard on my personal projects. In recent years I realized that just a few knew that my real career and one of my greatest passions is to communicate and write, so I hope to find better ways to do so. On the way I walked I have learned about sports communication and marketing and I do not discard to do it professionally. Of course I will be available to provide my professional services in matters relating to, regulations, organization and safety standards in motorsport.

They have been more than 13 unforgettable years, but no doubt on this, the best is yet to come, I hope to have the opportunity to keep in touch with you and eventually meet again on a race track.