Some quick thoughts on racing industry in Mexico

When I think in racing business in Mexico, I think in a lot of opportunities and also several challenges.

Opportunities as Mexico has a long tradition in motorsports and a very solid fan base.

·         Racing is growing in México, as Formula 1 is coming back, NASCAR has been here for several years and we have new and very important series developing new options.

·         The audience in Mexico is always looking for new shows and excitement.

·         Fans in Mexico are very loyal to sports.

·         A growing youth looking for spaces in sports for their personal growth.

Good and very interesting challenges as:

·         Need to develop an infrastructure, such as racing tracks and supplies industry.

·         Fans and media requires education in racing sport.

·         To build marketing tools that work for the sponsors, going further than branding.

·         Help drivers to develop their skills as sports figures and stars.


There is a lot of job to do in our sport, at the end, all of these are reasons to keep business running.